Content for Professional Services

Turn Your Expertise into Affordable High-Quality Content

Sharing your expertise is one of the most effective ways to attract clients to your professional services. Since no one knows your business better than you do, it makes sense for your content to be based on your own expertise. But do you capture your expertise in written form? What if you’re not content marketing strategist or writer?

Try our Innovative Approach to Content Development

Trailblazer New Media makes it possible to create high-quality, affordable content. We interview you and turn your expertise into written content. If you’re not sure what kind of content you want, we provide coaching services, too.

Types of content we help you create

Our interview-to-content technique is not ghostwriting, but your own words turned into content based on a thorough content plan. Our method can help you create many types of content including articles, eBooks, YouTube video scripts, or even your own book.

Not sure if this approach to creating content will work for you? Book a Free Consultation

Custom Content Solutions

Before you can create content, you must know who you want to influence and why. You must also know what will influence them, where to reach them, and what response you want. This is the strategic planning part of content that must be developed before any writing can begin. Book a Free Consultation to learn more.

1. Free Consultation

This meeting gives you a chance to share your challenges, clarify your goals, learn about your options, and see if we're a good fit to work together.

2. Marketing Strategy Coaching

This Coaching step helps you develop a vision for your Brand Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, and content needs.

3. Content Development Coaching

This Coaching step helps you choose the right content format, identify buyer questions, develop topic ideas, and narrative structures for your content.

4. Interviewing and Writing

The final step includes interviewing you, developing a draft of your content, and proofreading your materials. NOTE: We can also coach you on how to interview your own prospects/clients, and turn this research into articles for you.