Quality B2B Content

Better content for better results

Effective B2B content comes from a well-planned and carefully executed plan. Quality Checkpoints ensure your marketing dollars are investment wisely. Get a Free Consultation to consider your options.

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1. Free Consultation

We see if we're a good fit to work together, clarify your goals and 
brainstorm your options.

2. Project Proposal

This determines what your project will include such as  deliverables, meetings and pricing.

3. Project Meeting

This articulates the plan for achieving your goals. It includes all the information I need to get started.

4. Outline

After gathering all the necessary research, we start implementing your content solution.

5. Creation

Here we start putting our 7 quality checkpoints into action to create your content

6. Delivery

Here we make sure the quality of your content is carried through our entire quality process.

Content Development Process Details

Our Free Consultation gives us a chance to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Based on this meeting we can provide a project proposal detailing all your deliverables and pricing. Your project plan articulates how your podcast and content will fit into your sales process, about your target audience, where the content will be shared.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation (your goals)

My Free Consultation is an exploratory meeting to see if we’re a good fit to work together. It gives you a chance lets you brainstorm your options and clarify your goals. It can uncover which questions must be asked for the copy to get the results you want – questions that could make or break your podcast and content. 

For example, who are your customers? What are their problems? What’s your overall marketing strategy? What’s your sales process? What jobs will your content perform?

Project Details and Pricing

Project Proposal (everything you get)

Next comes your proposal. My proposal summarizes everything we discussed in your Free Consultation. My goal for creating this proposal is to provide a complete project overview and eliminate any misunderstandings. 

Your proposal will include details on your content as well as all the extra services I provide such as meetings, research, and interviews. Further, it will include the expected results, project milestones, timetable for completion and payment terms so there are no surprises. Your proposal may also include future copywriting options.

Initial Project Meeting

Project Meeting (your action plan)

After we receive an initial payment to get started on your project, we meet to articulate the plan for creating the copy that will achieve your goals. We’ll discuss all the information needed to kickstart your project. This includes a more detailed discussion of your goals, your target audience, where your content will be shared and the results you want to achieve.

We’ll help you develop your podcast creative brief. This will include a discussion of how to align the motivations of your target audience with your own goals.