Video Marketing

Thought Leadership Video

Getting asked the right questions in and interview gives you a way to share your expertise and ideas effortlessly. Podcast interviews can be transformed into complete social media marketing campaigns so you become visible to the right people.

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Self-Promotional Video

One of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience is with self-promotional videos. Good quality videos can increase your brand equity. This video was meticulously storyboarded scripted in advance. 

A teleprompter was used to read the script. And careful attention was paid to the lighting and sound quality. Several rehearsals and takes were required to get them right. An expert video editor produced the video by adding camera angles, a custom background, sound effects, and images. Finally, an animated introduction was created to set the tone of the video.

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How to Create Content That Matters

Sales Enablement Content Guide thumb

Sales enabled content gives buyers the answers they need and saves them time. This free guide  provides insight on the most frequently asked buyer questions you need to answer.

  • Early-stage buyer questions
  • Mid-stage buyer questions
  • Late-stage buyer questions

How B2B buyers make decisions

Before a B2B buyer can choose your product, they must clarify their problem. Then, they must determine why you are their best option. Gaps in their information can increase their risk and drag out the buying process. 

If they’ve never used your product or service, trying it may be seen as risk. Even a free trial might be too time consuming for them. 

Video marketing can help you cut through the noise of the marketplace and help your buyers move forward on their buying journey:

"In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.."

Get Interviewed as a Podcast Guest

Take our Marketing Priority Survey for startups and consultants to get interviewed as a guest on our podcast show. You’ll get free publicity on our podcast show, and our Youtube channel.

LinkedIn Video Marketing ROI

There are four factors to consider when estimating your potential ROI from a Club Trailblazer marketing campaign. There are costs for Setup and Content, and the repeating costs of Monthly Program Management and LinkedIn advertising fees. Advertising is traditionally the greatest cost. But now LinkedIn offers a low-cost option – “video views.”

Promote on LinkedIn with Video

A view is when 50% of your video is visible in someone’s LinkedIn feed and plays for a minimum of 2 seconds. The cost for a video view can vary based on your audience. The average cost per 1,000 views is $50 CPM to $120 CPM ($.05 to $.12 per view).

Your greatest ROI comes from consistently building brand awareness by sending interesting helpful video content to your target audience while maintaining a low CPM. By building and maintaining awareness, and continually strengthening your brand, you’ll increase your chances of being in their selection set when a buyer is ready to make a purchase. 

Which Describes You?

CEOs and Entrepreneurs

You have a lot of decisions to make besides marketing. You don’t have a lot of time. Your priority is generating more leads & sales. You need someone who can bundle marketing advice with quality content.

Marketing Directors

You need a writing professional you can count on. You’re under pressure to get the job done, and the writing is typically what holds up your projects. You need the best quality work because it represents your portfolio as well.

Marketing & Sales Agencies

You need help from a writing professional when you get overwhelmed. You need help writing long copy like Articles, Case Studies and White Papers. Deadline pressure demands good quality work done fast.


Social Media Agencies

You’re a full-time Social Web Marketer or small Agency. Your clients sometimes need website copy, a landing page or other writing services but you’re not a writer. You sometimes need a good writer to bring in on projects.

Video & Radio Producers

You’re a highly creative video or radio production company. You’ve got great video or radio but more often than not need a good script too. When you partner with a copywriter you want them to act like a member of your team.

Freelance Web Designers

You’re a full-time Web Designer or small Design Agency. Your clients sometimes need website copy, a landing page or other writing services but you’re not a writer. You sometimes need a good writer to bring in on projects.