Podcast Development Services

7 Steps to Creating Your Own B2B Podcast

A B2B podcast can add powerful capabilities to your marketing mix. It can be integrated with written materials like Case Studies, eBooks, and email campaigns. You can use it to expand your markets, build an audience, establish your authority and build your brand. 

To simplify the challenge of B2B podcasting, Trailblazer Writing provides a unique 7-step system that gives you clarity and purpose. It helps you develop a podcast one step at a time within your budget.

NOTE: Steps 1 to 3 may only need to be developed once. Steps 4 to 7 may be ongoing.
The 7 Disciplines of Podcast Excellence

Creating a podcast can be a bit overwhelming. The Trailblazer Writing 7-step approach to podcasting lets you develop your show one step at a time. 

The seven parts to consider include Leadership, Planning, Writing, Branding, Producing, Publishing, Promoting, and Managing. Trailblazer Writing provides services for each of these areas.

Start Planning Your B2B Podcast Show

A  podcast marketing plan is  powerful tool for improving your business results. A documented strategy lets you review and course-correct for continuous improvement.

Podcast Marketing Consulting
Get Interviewed as a Podcast Guest​

Get a free Marketing Priority Report to determine how a podcast can fit into your marketing plan. You’ll get promoted on TechnologyTrailblazers.club and our Youtube channel.

B2B Podcasting Guide

Podcast Marketing Launch Guide thumbIn my Free eBook I explain the process of creating an effective B2B podcast program. There are 4 parts:

  •  Podcast planning
  • Guest management
  • Audio production 
  • Podcast Promotion
Custom Podcast Solutions

Done-for-you Solutions, Coaching and Management Support for Podcasting

There’s a lot more to creating a great podcast than talking. I’ve concluded that this planning, production, promotion, and management. Trailblazer Writing provides a range of options including a complete done-for-you solution. Here are some ways I can help:

"Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what they are interested in."

Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson Tweet

Podcast Planning

Integrate podcasting with your marketing strategy for an endless stream of leads.

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A lead generation podcast must engage your audience and connect back to your products
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Podcast Management

Attract, recruit and interview ideal prospects to create lead generating content

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Finding the right guests is the most difficult part of the podcast process. Get it done for you.
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Podcast Production

Use the magic of video and audio to stand out in the market

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An effective podcast brings together the right topics and talk for a total media experience
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Podcast Promotion

Put your podcast in front of the right audience for predictable results

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Convert leads into sales by nurturing them with compelling content that connects the dots
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“The audience for podcasting grew significantly in the past year. Today, 51% of Americans 12+ have listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week.”

What Are Your Goals?

CEOs and Entrepreneurs

You have a lot of decisions to make besides marketing. You don’t have a lot of time. Your priority is generating more leads & sales. You need someone who can bundle marketing advice with quality content.

Marketing Directors

You need a writing professional you can count on. You’re under pressure to get the job done, and the writing is typically what holds up your projects. You need the best quality work because it represents your portfolio as well.

Marketing & Sales Agencies

You need help from a writing professional when you get overwhelmed. You need help writing long copy like Articles, Case Studies and White Papers. Deadline pressure demands good quality work done fast.


Social Media Agencies

You’re a full-time Social Web Marketer or small Agency. Your clients sometimes need website copy, a landing page or other writing services but you’re not a writer. You sometimes need a good writer to bring in on projects.

Video & Radio Producers

You’re a highly creative video or radio production company. You’ve got great video or radio but more often than not need a good script too. When you partner with a copywriter you want them to act like a member of your team.

Freelance Web Designers

You’re a full-time Web Designer or small Design Agency. Your clients sometimes need website copy, a landing page or other writing services but you’re not a writer. You sometimes need a good writer to bring in on projects.