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Creative Brief Checklist

"The most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the beginning."

Why Your Content Needs a Plan

5,700,000 Google searches were conducted “every single minute” in 2021. If you’re an IT Consultant, you have over 320,000 competitors in the US alone. What hope does a single piece of content from you have of standing out? 

Great content takes time and effort to produce. But it also gets is read more often and has more impact, so your ROI keeps increasing over time. Here are the basic requirements for developing a Creative Brief that will result in high-quality content.

The 4 Parts of a Creative Brief

A Creative or Content Brief is a summary of how you plan to use each piece of content. Here are the four essential parts:

      1. Distribution strategy
      2. Audience strategy
      3. Buyer’s Journey Strategy
      4. Results strategy

1. Your Distribution Strategy

Your distribution strategy determines where your content will be read, seen or heard. Channels are where your target audience can be already found. The ones you choose will influence who your audience is and how your content will be perceived. Some of the most useful channels for marketing are social media sites. But there are other good channels that should not be ignored, like associations.

2. Your Audience Strategy

Your audience strategy determines how you uncover the changing needs of your audience. Also, what information should you include in your content? Should you be focusing on your audiences' problems, or how they'll benefit from the unique features of your product or service?

3. Your Buyer's Journey Strategy

Your content strategy determines the role of your content in your overall marketing and sales process. Each piece of content must play its unique role to make a successful outcome possible. The three fundamental jobs to be done to create awareness, educate, and persuade.

4. Your Results Strategy

Your results strategy determines what you want your audience to think, feel, and/or do after consuming a piece of your content. Should they start analyzing their priorities? Should they feel a sense of urgency to solve their problem? Should they be motivated to download a free report to learn more?

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