Derek Little provides B2B Copywriting, Marketing Consulting and PR for Technology Startups.

More Startup Growth for Less.

Whatever your needs – Marketing Consulting, Digital Copywriting or Public Relations – I offer a synchronized marketing solution that delivers more for less.

Don't Make This Startup Mistake!

In 2016, a software consulting firm in the U.S. market asked me to help them create content. However, they had skimped on their marketing strategy. They hadn’t planned their positioning and messaging well, and as a result, the success of their content was severely limited.


In a previous job, I was a Marketing Director for a technology startup, and the management team was struggling with the same issue. To help you avoid this common and debilitating problem, I’ve created a self-assessment that helps you create an effective marketing plan with less time and effort.


My background as a marketer and 15 years of experience as a professional copywriter means I can offer you a complete marketing solution within your budget. If you want to raise awareness, create value, increase sales and establish your authority, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Derek Little, Founder,
Marketing Consultant, Digital Copywriter, Public Relations Professional

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Get a free custom report on how to strengthen your marketing with copywriting.

Don't waste your marketing budget on the wrong marketing tactics. Get insights on how to spend it where it counts most with a customized Lean Growth Report.

This free custom report reveals what’s holding back your marketing to maximize your marketing ROI. View Sample Report.

Captivate (Boost Visibility)

Send the right message to the right audience at the right time to create more visibility.

Convince (Build Value)

Use unanswered prospect questions to build more value throughout their buyer's journey.

Convert (Increase Sales)

Position your business with the information and stories that help you enroll more customers.

Inspire (Establish Authority)

Become recognized as an expert in your industry and accelerate your growth.

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