Case Study for Web Design Company

An effective Case Study starts by introducing the customer and their problem. It should then describe their journey to find a solution, what is was, and how the solution was implemented. Finally, it should quantify the results. The content should contain the most relevant customer quotes and real-world details.
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The Challenge:

Case Studies tell the story of how a customer successfully used your product. They are particularly useful for complex, expensive or innovative products and services . They’re also one of the most effective tools for increasing your B2B sales, because they offer proof your product is a good buy.

Client: Karpi Design Studios
Project: Case Study written by Derek Little
Objectives: Demonstrate customer satisfaction with Karpi Design Studio services
Marketing Piece: Direct Link

 “Derek goes above and beyond.”

– Pavel Karpesik, Owner, Karpesik Design Studios 

My Solution:

My first step was to meet with Pavel Karpisek and understand his goals. We discussed what he felt the customer success story was and what services he wanted to feature. Also, what he hoped their customer would say. Then I scheduled the customer interview and studied their website.

After conducting the Case Study interview, I developed a first draft. Next, the changes requested by Pavel and his customer were added. The final draft was submitted and published. The entire process took around 2 weeks to complete. The interview needed to be rescheduled to fit into the customer’s schedule, though this is common. The actual work I performed only took a few days to complete.


Pavel Karpisek was delighted with the result. And his customer was pleased that the Case Study positioned them for a new market they were seeking to enter.


“Derek goes above and beyond what he can offer. He met with my client to gather all the information, responded quickly to their comments and was very professional at all times. Both my client and I are very pleased with the final case study.”
– Pavel Karpesik, Owner, Karpi Design Studio