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Your Brand Strategy

All Roads Lead to Your Brand
Our Brand Book program guides you through the process of creating a compelling, relevant brand that all your stakeholders are passionate about.

Branded products and services are more trusts, so B2B buyers will pay more for them and buy them more often. So what is a brand? It is the spirit of your business. Gerald Zaltman, a professor at Harvard University School of Business says 95% of decisions are made subconsciously. So, how do you create a brand that positively impacts the unconscious minds of potential customers?

Brand Archetypes: The Path to Brand Self-knowledge

An innovative approach to developing your brand is through the use of archetypal models. These are pre-existing unconscious cultural ideals that determine why people buy. If you’ve never heard of archetypes, you are probably familiar with famous people and what they are known for. For example – Steve Jobs the Creator, Albert Einstein the Sage, or Christopher Columbus the Explorer.

There’s no doubt these people accomplished great things. But there are many others like them who aren’t continuously quoted, or even remembered. Why do these ones stand out? It’s because they embody an archetypal ideal. And your business can too, through your business (or personal) brand. Learn more

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Brand Coaching Program

Imagine you want to improve your website, an develop an article series or some other type of content. How should it be positioned? What message should it send? The answers to all these questions can be found in your Brand Book. Through our Brand Book Coaching program, we help you develop a complete brand strategy so you create the magnetic impact you want at every customer touchpoint.

Contact us to get started with a Custom Brand Strategy Report. This is the starting point for create a Brand Book and developing a powerful brand presence. Here’s what our report covers:

How to Create a Brand Book

Your Brand Book is a single source of truth about how to best market your business. Trailblazer New Media also works with clients on a self-paced Coaching/Consulting basis to help you develop the four main components of your Brand Strategy – Product, Proof, Position, and Personality. This infographic explains the four main problems a Brand Book will solve, and some of the questions you need to start asking.

Brand Book Guide

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